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Our Approach to a "flipped classroom"

We have developed a set of eight to twelve minute videos that capture the important aspects of the topics in our  first semester of calculus course. In addition, we have develop corresponding sets of entrance quizzes and in-class problem sets. The student are expected to watch one or two videos prior to attending class. We have also developed a set of problems for the students to work on during class in small groups of 2 or 3.  There is minimal direction instruction. In general, direct instruction occurs on an as-needed basis in the form of 5 - 10 minute-long "mini-lectures".  The instructor spends most of his or her time answering questions for individual groups or orchestrating larger class discussions. Students frequently present and explain problems at the board for their peers.  While there are some differences between flipped classes, in all cases, the emphasis is on students doing and discussing mathematics. 


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